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April 16th, 2023We kicked off season Read MoreFebruary 28th, 2023We are looking forward to seeing everyone this week at the PCS show. Captain ...Read MoreNovember 5th, 2022All the Bonita ya need at the Northern Mexican Island chain. We had 62 and 63...Read MoreOctober 20th, 2022We went long to look at some new area and saw some impressive schools of yell...Read MoreOctober 18th, 2022A fun trip with some long time regulars. Never found the meat until the end o...Read MoreOctober 14th, 2022Another RAD one with a handful of regulars for plenty of laughs and quite the...Read MoreOctober 10th, 2022We ended up the day with a dozen of these fish for the boys. Good grades = a ...Read MoreOctober 9th, 2022Another amazing weekend jumping off the 'Mothership' to run some of our regul...Read MoreOctober 1st, 2022We drove for most of the morning until we found a stop to get to work. Put to...Read MoreSeptember 14th, 2022We went tuna fishing today and caught 6 yellowfin and 4 dorado for our day. F...Read MoreSeptember 12th, 2022We picked up the puzzle pieces off the floor after tropical storm K had us ti...Read MoreSeptember 3rd, 2022We wrapping up a week in Ensenada on Harvey's 73' 'Lady Laura. It's been a fu...Read MoreAugust 22nd, 2022We say in a stretch it's one fish, one day at a time. We always say you have ...Read MoreAugust 17th, 2022We captured 6 dorado and 1 yellowfin for our day. Worked hard searching for t...Read MoreAugust 12th, 2022Found the right one today for a proper morning and wrapped it up by 10:00 am ...Read MoreJuly 30th, 2022Summer vibes in full effect today on the 'Mothership'. Some of the best weath...Read MoreJuly 25th, 2022Mixed it up for a mix bag for the guys. They got what they needed and said “W...Read MoreJuly 16th, 2022A family that wakes up early and fishes offshore has a whole lot of fun toget...Read MoreJune 15th, 2022New customer Mel called and chartered the 'Mothership' today for himself. Wha...Read MoreMay 23rd, 2022Some fun yellowtail fishing on todays Open Party trip for some new and old fa...Read MoreMay 17th, 2022Wind and swell was tight to venture offshore so we all decided to fish a day ...Read MoreMay 16th, 2022We had some good yellowtail fishing today for a new group. Always a blast hea...Read MoreMay 15th, 2022Jack strikes again. Way to go little man! Always a pleasure having you and yo...Read MoreApril 2nd, 2022We normally don't do to many 1/2 days but when we do we like to catch a few l...Read MoreMarch 31st, 2022It was a lumpy one but thank goodness no wind. We were able to stay in positi...Read MoreMarch 31st, 2022ome island goodness. Angler Richard with a good goat for his morning.Read MoreMarch 17th, 2022Still have a few spots on this weekends trip! Island Freelance 'OPEN PARTY' t...Read MoreMarch 10th, 2022We still have plenty of dates open in our early bluefin season in May / June....Read MoreOctober 30th, 2021The perfect grade of fish for the boys to learn the art of picking a good bai...Read MoreOctober 21st, 2021Our 2 anglers from Nor Cal caught 1 bluefin, 15 yellowtail and 4 skipjack for...Read MoreSeptember 26th, 2021We had a Covid 21 cancellation and was able to salvage to a OPEN PARTY trip l...Read MoreSeptember 24th, 2021A crowed favorite when conditions are jacked up outside 30 to 60 nautical mil...Read MoreSeptember 19th, 2021We catch them big and we catch them small. We never caught “little people” ve...Read MoreSeptember 12th, 2021An island favorite “California Yellowtail” pulls hard and eats with the best ...Read MoreSeptember 6th, 2021Well over the last 10 to 12 days we have been far and wide fishing a very str...Read MoreSeptember 5th, 2021Our biggest 'hen' female we have had the pleasure of sticking for a customer....Read More

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