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October 31st, 2020We found a treasure chest yesterday but unfortu...Read More October 27th, 202025 yellowtail, 10 dorado for our last trip on t...Read More October 10th, 2020Another EPIC day aboard the SEASONS. Enjoy a qu...Read More September 28th, 2020Getting it done with some good peeps. Thanks Gu...Read More August 27th, 2020When you pick off a sword in the gyros and ask ...Read More July 30th, 2020Dock side pick up and on the way to processor. ...Read More July 4th, 2020Happy 4th of July to everyone! We have been ble...Read More June 27th, 2020We saw conditions improve from what we looked a...Read More June 27th, 2020Our good friend and charter master of many trip...Read More June 24th, 2020Nothing beats sliding up to a yellow breezer.Read More April 13th, 2020Anyone guess our favorite @fish_shimano_north_a...Read More March 8th, 2020A mint unicorn just landed. Thanks to the GOD t...Read More

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