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October 25th, 2019As always love to see OPEN PARTY trips come together and no shortage of laugh...Read MoreOctober 24th, 2019Back to work this morning. @fishermans_landingRead MoreOctober 23rd, 2019The highlight to my 2019 season with @seasonssportfishing was this surface ir...Read MoreOctober 2nd, 2019A good old fashion battle with man and fish. One of our regulars Jason wanted...Read MoreOctober 2nd, 2019Another customer appreciation trip a success for Casey and his customers. Tha...Read MoreSeptember 28th, 2019We went duck hunting today and a few got hung. Thanks for fishing with Season...Read MoreSeptember 24th, 2019We ended up running into some really good water today that had a full speed r...Read MoreSeptember 21st, 2019Fantastic fishing for @spikeivins and a couple of his customers this morning....Read MoreSeptember 16th, 2019We covered a large amount of ground today. Large breezers of skipjack that di...Read MoreSeptember 13th, 2019Keeping the ball rolling with @cjcabrera___ and family. Always a pleasure fis...Read MoreSeptember 10th, 2019It's been a long time since the old girl (Parker 2520) and myself fished toge...Read MoreSeptember 8th, 2019We had multiple people that tried to get on this coming Friday's OPEN PARTY. ...Read MoreSeptember 6th, 2019We got a lot of projects done today in 12 hours of day light. I want to give ...Read MoreSeptember 6th, 2019We filled the boat with a few laughs and some yellow tuna. Always a fun trip ...Read MoreSeptember 3rd, 2019“See what's out there”! Our 'Bloke' Green Mirror @costasunglasses allowed us ...Read MoreSeptember 2nd, 2019Our good friend Chaoyi always comes with a great attitude and can fish! “I'm ...Read MoreSeptember 1st, 2019Another work all day before we saw some signal. We had a couple yellowfin and...Read MoreAugust 28th, 2019Another fun day with this group that picks the last Tuesday in August for the...Read MoreAugust 22nd, 2019The weather was up today for our group but we kept with it and found the righ...Read MoreAugust 22nd, 2019A little fish under the boat. Thanks Shane for always putting a couple trips ...Read MoreAugust 18th, 2019There is no 'i' in “team”. From every fish that comes to gaff and every smile...Read MoreAugust 13th, 2019One of my favorite Monday's of each summer is with this group that always com...Read MoreAugust 13th, 2019One of my favorite photos I have ever taken! @seasonssportfishing beautiful P...Read MoreAugust 10th, 2019A open water color spot made our day today. The @fishvillagram gang was out t...Read MoreAugust 8th, 2019We don't use the “L” word on this boat but the boys did pretty damn good job ...Read MoreAugust 4th, 2019Our final task of the day for our clients and our favorite time of the day. A...Read MoreAugust 4th, 2019We found ourselves in a little pocket of water today for our group and they t...Read MoreJuly 29th, 2019We saw some impressive schools yesterday. Anger Bryce Tanner stayed in the ga...Read MoreJuly 13th, 2019Another epic OPEN PARTY trip with good people. @instabastos We don't get to d...Read MoreJuly 1st, 2019We love this grade of blue tuna for our customers. Wind was up today which al...Read MoreMay 25th, 2019A fun day with @edwinyoon despite a slower day on the grounds looking for yel...Read MoreMay 11th, 2019Spring is in the air with us starting to see better grade on the target speci...Read MoreMay 7th, 2019OPEN PARTY trips online for this week on our Parker 2520. 4 anglers Max. Trip...Read MoreApril 29th, 2019It's looking as we are starting to see the first wave of bluefin within our r...Read MoreMarch 9th, 2019Fred Hall Show Long Beach today 10am - 9pm. Bring the family and come enjoy a...Read MoreMarch 7th, 2019Here we go.... Day 2 Fred Hall Show Long Beach! We can't thank everyone enoug...Read More

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